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Iron on Glossy Vinyl

Iron on Glossy Vinyl

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Make your own laminated fabric!

Fuse Slicker to any smooth fabric to make it water-resistant. It's durable, flexible and can be stitched without leaving adhesive residue on the sewing machine needle.

This handy iron-on vinyl interfacing is perfect for projects like makeup wraps and bags or placemats that clean up with a wipe.

Fabric stays soft and is easy to work with.

 Packaged size is 17" wide x 36" long.


 For best adhesion and wear, pre-wash fabrics without any fabric softeners to remove any sizing in the fabric before applying the Slicker.

Use Wonder Clips rather than pins to avoid leaving holes in the vinyl.

Always press using the release paper over the vinyl surface.

Not recommended for use in the microwave.

Clean the vinyl-coated fabric by wiping with a wet cloth/sponge. The manufacturer recommends cleaning by methods that do not involve submerging in water. Do not launder in washing machine.


Peel paper backing/release paper from vinyl interfacing; set aside.

Place sticky side of vinyl interfacing against right side of fabric; smooth into place.

Top with release paper. Press with iron set to medium, no steam, for 8 seconds. Repeat to bond entire surface. Do not touch iron directly to vinyl!

Flip project over; press and hold iron on back of project for additional 4 seconds. Repeat to heat entire surface.

Allow to cool before using.