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Fibre Sampler Pack - Corriedale Bright's

Fibre Sampler Pack - Corriedale Bright's

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We are very proud of our very own Woollen Mill right here in the South Island of New Zealand, home to over 30 million sheep. We only select wool that has high bulk, is clean, has good length, is free from breaks and from sheep that are free from mulesing. To enable you to touch, see and experiment with our beautiful fibres, we have created convenient-sized Sampler Fibre Packs for you to enjoy and play with. Once you have experienced the pleasure of using our unique fibres, blends and colours, just decided which best suit your next project. It’s that simple.

Each pack has approx. 840gm (29.6ozs) fibre per Sampler Pack

Video Tutorials:

Blending colours Blending fibres  Carding on the Wild Carder  Using the Ashford Blending Board  Using the fringe twister  Ashford Fibre Mill - Take a tour