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DIY Soles  Adult "Botties " (Black)
DIY Soles  Adult "Botties " (Black)
DIY Soles  Adult "Botties " (Black)
DIY Soles  Adult "Botties " (Black)

DIY Soles Adult "Botties " (Black)

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  • Pre Punched Edges
  • Flexible and Robust
  • Shoehorn and Heel Cap
  • For Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Instructions, Material Recommendations and Inspiration at


Basically, there are only a few design restrictions: from the sewn ballerina to the crocheted over-the-knee boot , everything is possible.

Depending on the material, technique and look, your DIY shoe is suitable as a house or street shoe. Thanks to the flexible but robust botties sole.

Despite all the freedom, there is one restriction: even if the sole itself is waterproof, it is definitely not the transition to the upper. Therefore, botties are only conditionally suitable for damp and wet weather.


The soles tend to have a normal/wide cut. Very wide feet will have no trouble as the rounded edges can curl up to their advantage.

Very narrow feet run the risk of "swimming" in the shoe.In our instructions and video tutorials, we therefore encourage you to take advantage of the unbeatable advantage of individual production: you can completely adapt botties to you and your foot