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Janome Bobbin Thread

Janome Bobbin Thread

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Unlike regular threads and other bobbin fills, Janome Bobbin Fill is a 90 weight polyester thread.  The red dot bobbin cases in Janome’s machine embroidery range are all tensioned for Janome bobbin fill, therefore achieving optimal tension when stitching embroidery designs.  Using different brands of bobbin fill in the red dot bobbin case may cause stitching and tension issues. Many Janome embroidery models have a 2nd bobbin case with a yellow dot – use this bobbin case with other brands of bobbin fill (non-Janome brand) and adjust the tension to suit.

Janome Bobbin Fill comes in two colours – black or white – and is available in 300m, 1000m, 1600m reels, as well as pre-wound on Janome bobbins in lots of 12 or 108 for added convenience.

Here’s another great tip: Use Janome Pink or Blue Bobbins for your bobbin fill and clear bobbins for regular threads, so you can easily distinguish one from the other!