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Ashford Wheel and Loom Brochure - English

Ashford Wheel and Loom Brochure - English

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The Wheel is a full-colour magazine containing articles, patterns and projects for the fibre artist written by knowledgeable and inspirational spinners, weavers, dyers, knitters and felters from around the world. It is published annually.
To receive this wonderful magazine, learn more about the Ashford Club or Join NOW!

The premium, subscribers edition (including bonus pages) is sent to members of the Ashford Club as soon as it is printed in October of each year. A newsprint version is available free of charge from your Ashford dealer.

NOTE: Subscriptions received after March 31st will receive the next issue - posted out in Oct/Nov.

1 Issue Subscription includes 1 Members only Premium edition of The Wheel magazine posted to you and one years membership to The Ashford Club.

Duration: 1 year
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