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Top Whorl Spindles

Top Whorl Spindles

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Spinners have been creating yarn with drop spindles for millennia and we have a wide range of styles from which to choose. Spin a wide range of fibres from superfine on the lightest spindle to long lustrous fleece on the heaviest spindle

The same as in the collection but sold separately.




Wide range to choose from


Finish: lacquered

Wheel diameter and weight:  

  • tws5 - 50mm, 15g (2", ½oz)
  • tws6 - 60mm, 20g (2⅜", ¾oz)
  • tws7 - 70mm, 35g (2¾", 1¼oz)
  • tws8 - 80mm, 50g (3⅛", 1¾oz)
  • tws9 - 90mm, 80g (3½", 2¾oz)

other information      

  • Unique wire hook
  • The whorls are hollow underneath, making them lightweight with maximum momentum