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Optic Magnifier

Optic Magnifier

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When you need to get a closer view, attach the magnifier to make it easy to see the tiniest detail under the needle. Useful when threading, adjusting the position of the fabric, and carrying out detailed work. Attaches to machine face plate magnifying the needle area for perfect stitch placement.


Part Number: 200130002 (Set of 3):

  • Compatible with: MC14000, MC9400QCP, MC8900QCP, MC8200QCP, MC8200QC, Skyline Series (S9,S7,S5,S3), DM7200, DC6100, DC6050
  • Standard with MC15000

Part Number: 859401001 (20 Optic viewing):

  • Compatible with: DC6030
  • Standard with MC12000