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DMC Punch Needle
DMC Punch Needle

DMC Punch Needle

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This Combo includes:

1 x Punch Needle tool Exclusive DMC Steel needle and wooden handle.

  • The handle measures about 11 cm, which allows a good grip.
  • The needle measures 3,5 cm, which allows short and regular curls. (= SIZE 10).
  • The diameter of the needle is 4 mm which allows the use of thick yarns. (= REGULAR).
  • The metal insert (the needle) extends the length of the handle so that the yarn slides well inside and is well maintain


1 x Wooden needle 16,5 cm long needle

  • The needle allows the yarn to pass easily through the handle of the tool and then through the needle.
  • It’s very qualitative and can also be used to hide the yarns at the end of the work or other finishes.