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Diana Sweater - Shiny Happy Cotton - Knitting Pattern

Diana Sweater - Shiny Happy Cotton - Knitting Pattern

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Woah, woah, woah. This easy knit kit's got the pattern for three different jumpers – Diana, Florence or Mary. Three-in-one! The simple wide-necked, short-sleeve shape can be knitted in either garter, moss or holey stitch – giving you the choice of three tops that are sisterly, but definitely not the same.

Size & Fit:

Size 1 - 6 

Time to make:

12 hours

Once you've completed this pattern you'll master:
  • cable cast on
  • stocking stitch
  • holey stitch
  • reverse stocking stitch
  • casting off
  • horizontal invisible seam technique
  • perpendicular invisible seam technique
  • vertical invisible seam technique
Required Needles
Yarn details:

This pattern is knitted with Shiny Happy Cotton made from hand-picked Pima cotton from Peru. Soft and sleek with beautiful drape