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Art Maker Essentials Drawing Made Simple: Elephant

Art Maker Essentials Drawing Made Simple: Elephant

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Take your first steps into the world of handmade art with Drawing Made Simple.

Whether you’re a lover of sketching and doodling or looking to extend your basic skills, it’s easy to follow the drawing-made-simple process and achieve your own ‘masterpiece’.

With a helpful instruction sheet featuring tips and tricks, as well as a practice sheet with rough guidelines to help build your first drawing upon, everything needed to begin is inside this kit. Including

  • 4 pencils of different grades
  • a charcoal pencil
  • a putty eraser
  • a tortillon
  • a sketch panel
  • a reference sheet
  • a blank practice panel
  • a comprehensive instruction sheet

Drawing Made Simple contains everything one needs to enjoy a relaxing new hobby, today.