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Penny Doll - Knitting Pattern
Penny Doll - Knitting Pattern

Penny Doll - Knitting Pattern

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Penny is the sweetest wee doll.  She has a set of removable clothes for endless dress-up play.

Clothes included in the pattern are: knickers, socks, shoes, dress, cardigan, nightdress and bunny slippers. The body and hair are made from 8 ply/double knitting yarn and the clothing is made from 4 ply yarn.  Penny is 32cm high.

Needles 3mm and 2.75mm

Pattern Requirements - not included in this Kitset:

  • Body: 1 x 50g 8 Ply Yarn
  • Dress and Shoes: 1 x 50g 4 Ply Yarn
  • Knickers, socks and collar: 1 x 50g 4 Ply Yarn
  • Cardigan, Dress stripe and slippers: 1 x 50g 4 Ply Yarn
  • Night dress: 1 x 50g 4 Ply Yarn
  • Hair 25g 8Ply Yarn Brown & Embroidery floss to match hair colour
  • Stuffing
  • Accessories:
    • Ribbon for hair 50cm
    • Dress: 1 x small button for back, 3 x decorative roses
    • Cardigan: 1 x small nylon dome, 1 x decorative rose
    • Nightdress: 50cm ribbon, 4 small buttons
    • Slippers: 2 x tiny 3mm black buttons for bunny eyes
    • Knickers: 30cm ribbon or 15cm x 0.5cm flat elastic
    • Shoes: 2 5mm buttons 2 x decorative roses
    • Face: small pieces of white and pink felt & embroidery floss to match (DMC Colour 603 for mouth)

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