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Transformation - a marked change in form nature or appearance.

This year has been one for the books... we are transforming on a daily basis, not only our lives by but the way we have to think about  the world right now.

While this can all be terrifying and exhausting,I have managed to stumble across the idea of a transformation that can be inspiring. Imagine taking a piece of yarn, in a ball and turning it in something fun, something exciting, something new.

One of our amazing customer, Megan Wildermoth recently reignited her love of creating. She spent some time this year getting back into knitting. It started off slowly and has grown over the past few months, that desire to create to make to transform.

Megan used a Ashford Tekapo Yarn - Charteruse (Please note this yarn has been discontinued, but they replaced it  with a gorgeous new range Ashford DK) Turning her seemingly undefined balls in a cute fresh jumper. 


I would love to challenge you to give it a go, introduce some positive transformation into your life. Don't be afraid, grab it with both hands... and let it rip!

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