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Lock-down Learning

Lock-down almost feels like a distant memory, something that just happened, a moment in time. We have obviously been really lucky to get away from it all fairly easily. We do have to spare a thought for many of those countries out there who are still suffering, and are only just beginning to move back to normality. 

Having been involved with my Mom's store now since the beginning of Lock-down, I have been able to see how important keeping your mind active really is. People constantly need to be pushing themselves, to be more creative or more to learn new things. It's how we grow, and I have also discovered it's how we interact on a daily basis. I have been so privileged to meet many new people over the past few months, I may not have met them in person, but I do feel like I know them, all from having been involved with All You Needle.

These new friends have given me insights into who they really are through the amazing works they have been involved in and created. The fact that so many have pushed to learn new things and new crafts. One such amazing person is Mel Troup, who over the period taught herself a new craft - Macrame. I have too admit the idea of it has always terrified me, I am not one for making these pretty things... I do however love to admire them. After purchasing some of our wool, Mel spent some time watching tutorials and came up with this masterpiece.

Macrame with Panda Wool from All You Needle

Art is clearly meant to be interpretive, and everytime I look at this hanging, I can't help but see a phoenix rising from the ashes. Although we are not out of the woods just yet, it does give me hope, and fills me with an undeniable warmth... even on these cold days.

Mel's work has inspired me and it has given me motivation to try new things, like this blog... That is our dream for All You Needle, to inspire and motivate you to create and to bring our products to life. Mel, I cannot wait to see what you share with us next... and for the rest of you out there, we cannot wait for you to Make It with All You Needle...

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