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Ultimate Crystal Creations Kit

Ultimate Crystal Creations Kit

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Ultimate Crystal Creations Kit Crystal painting is one of the hottest new trends sweeping the globe, with a simple crafting process that yields truly stunning artwork!

Crafter will delight in Ultimate Crystal Creations two dazzling designs:

  • a tiger
  • a beautiful peacock,

with images just waiting to be brought to life in spectacular crystal hues.

This addictive pastime is a fun mix of painting by numbers, cross-stitch and mosaics, achieved by placing thousands of sparkling crystals on a colour-coded adhesive canvas or artboard to create incandescent, shimmering perfect!


Ultimate Crystal Creations includes:

  • an astonishing 12,000 colour-coded crystals
  • silicon gum
  • real art canvas
  • stand-up art board with extended back


Product Dimensions: 307 x 405 x 38mm

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