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Parisian Singer Adjustable Dress Form/Mannequin

Parisian Singer Adjustable Dress Form/Mannequin

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This is an Adjustable Dress form / Mannequin. Simply dial in your measurements and get started. It allows pattern adjustments before cutting. You can set necklines, sleeves and collars easily and is perfect for linings, hems and total construction.

Sizes 8 - 16
  • Waist - 64cm-81cm (25"-32")
  • Bust - 84cm-102cm (33"-40")
  • Hips - 86cm-103cm (34"-40")

The waist extends by 5cm - the shoulder neck point to waist can adjust from 41.5cm - 46.5cm

  • This sturdy dressform has a dial system to adjust the neck, bust, waist, and hip sizes.
  • Ideal for the classes and studios.
  • Precisely dial your figure with 12 body dials
  • Neck dial adjustment
  • Eight foam backed (for pinning) nylon fabric covered body panels
  • Locking waist / torso adjustment
  • Locking body height adjustment
  • Adjustable height hem measure
  • Hem gauge
  • Stable base


Ensure you get a great fit when sewing garments for yourself or others with this adjustable Mannequin / Dress Form.

The dials allow you to adjust the size and proportion of each area so that the contours match the body you are sewing for. Perfect if you are sewing for friends, relatives or clients who can't be there during the whole sewing process to try on the garment, simply set their measurements on the Dress Form at their first visit or get their measurements over the phone.

Also makes fitting garments to yourself much easier!

The height is also adjustable so that you can ensure that you hem your garment to the correct length. Marking an even hem is made easy with the handy hem gauge.

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